Home Hemodialysis

Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services offers a Home Hemodialysis Program to patients who have “hemodialysis” and “peritoneal dialysis” needs. There are many benefits associated with home hemodialysis, from increasing patient independence by scheduling own treatment times to decreasing the need to travel and thus decreasing exposure to infections.

Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services’ Home Hemodialysis Program utilizes the expertise of a hemodialysis nurse and physician to offer services including but not limited to:


  • Providing equipment, training and monitoring services that enable patients to dialyze in their own homes including both home hemodialysis and home peritoneal dialysis
  • Extensive teaching and training to patients with end stage renal disease and their families to complete their dialysis treatments independently in the comfort of their home
  • Regular monitoring and treatment adjustments made by Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services’ multidisciplinary team based on regular patient assessments
  • Providing patients and their family the confidence and knowledge to self-manage their dialysis needs
  • Monitoring the balance of fluids in and out