Our Speech Language Pathologists can help adults and children with speech, language and hearing disorders to communicate more effectively. Speech therapy is utilized for individuals with physical and/or cognitive disorders causing a communication or swallowing disorder.

Speech Language Pathology can also help individuals overcome speech impediments, including stuttering, apraxia and dysarthria. Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services offers a Speech Language Pathology Program to patients at any age, providing them with the opportunity to gain confidence and improve their language skills in the nurturing environment of their own home.

Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services’ Speech Language Pathology Program offers services including but not limited to:

  • Assessing and treating speech, language, voice and/or swallowing disorders
  • Providing patient and family education and counselling
  • Consulting with clinicians within the patient’s circle of care and making appropriate referrals to other professionals as needed

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