Post Operative Care Program

Post-operative care refers to the care patients receive following a surgical procedure. Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services addresses the need to reduce post-operative complications through their Post-Operative Care Program.


Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services sends their multidisciplinary team into the patient’s home to initiate the rehabilitative and nursing services required following surgery to prevent post-operative pulmonary (lung) and musculoskeletal complications.


Emirati Canadian Home Health Care Services’ Post-Operative Care Program offers services including but not limited to:


  • Early post-operative patient mobilization to prevent pulmonary complications such as post-operative pneumonia and unplanned intubation and to rehabilitate to increase strength and joint range of motion
  • Monitoring to reduce musculoskeletal adverse outcomes of surgery such as muscle contractures and functional losses including reduced  joint range of motion or ability to ambulate
  • Monitoring for post-operative complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DTV), pneumonia, contractures and surgical site infections
  • Incentive spirometry
  • Coughing and deep breathing exercise education
  • Head of bed elevation education
  • Patient and family education to notice the signs and symptoms of post-operative complications such as infections
  • Self-management techniques to improve scar healing
  • Wound dressing and care assistance
  • Injections
  • Education and administration of medication
  • Pain management